Nutrition Mentor Program

It can be hard to find experience in the health and fitness industry let alone a nutrition mentor! The program is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to create a successful future in the Nutrition and Health Industry. Whether you are still studying, have graduated and are looking for a job or have already started your business but you are looking to grow, this program is designed to help you stand out in the Industry. 


This is some of what the mentor program offers its participants (but there is plenty more to learn during your time with me):

  • Guidance for starting a small business including tips on financing, insurance, website design, advertising etc.

  • Information regarding the legalities of opening a nutrition business as well as memberships to gain

  • Learn how to conduct consultations and create your own nutrition consult process (including practitioner software to use)

  • Food plan creation and how to design a meal guide that will work for your clients

  • How to continue to work with clients in follow up consultations

  • The psychological side of nutrition and food habits and behaviours

  • How to track progress and keep your client’s motivated

Student testimonials

"I just wanted to email through to say a massive, massive thank you to you!! Words can't really express how much I learned, and how much confidence you have given me to start being able to help people. My passion has always been there, it just had just been dulled a little, until I have finished your program and it has confirmed I actually CAN help people. It's really refreshing speaking to someone with similar opinions about health and lifestyle. I appreciate all your efforts in not only my program but helping every other graduate student, as well as helping those with eating disorders and those who generally just need help with health. We really need more passionate, hard-working people like you in the world.”
- Maddi M


"After completing my Bachelor of Nutrition Science course at university I wanted to start my own business as a Nutritionist, however, I did not have the knowledge on how to go forward. I decided to enrol in the Laura Sitter graduate program, this program was exceptional and exactly what I needed to get started. Not only did Laura provide me with all the information on how to set up my business, she also gave me the confidence I required to pursue my dream. I highly recommend this course to anyone and can assure you that Laura’s knowledge and passion for the nutrition will guide you in establishing a successful business.”
- Sarah S


 "There is no better place to undertake this course if you want to start your own business. With the graduate program, you can gain guidance for building your own small business. It also provides the opportunity to sit in on consultations with clients, which is another thing I love about this course. By the end of the course, you can expect to figure out how to create a food plan. After I learnt about the course, I found myself eager to find out more about the psychological side of nutrition and food habits and behaviours. I realised I had found the suitable course that aligned my love to help others with my interest in health and science.”
- Wilson Lam


"The program is a great opportunity to gain nutrition practice experience and gain skills in meal planning, compiling client information and develop communication skills. It enables students to become work-ready post-graduation."
- Lydia M


“I commend you Laura on the time you’ve dedicated to allowing graduates to observe you in practice. This is a great program that gives graduates further professional learning. Your feedback and encouragement were very valuable.”
- Kelly F