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Laura Sitter
(Owner/Director/Accredited Nutritionist)
Bachelor of Food and Nutrition (Major  in Psychology)

Healthy diet and regular exercise improves sleep patterns, reduces stress and helps to maintain a lower body fat percentage

Thanks so much for dropping by...I'm Laura, food lover, travel enthusiast and marathon runner.

Like most people, I like to feel as healthy and fit as I can - let's face it, nobody likes the feeling of low energy, fatigue and stress! I love to use my knowledge of food and nutrition to improve the lives of my clients! I seek to empower my clients to achieve the healthiest, happiest version of themselves possible - and it IS POSSIBLE!

My approach to nutrition is ‘moderation not elimination’ and ‘balance and variety are key’. I will work with you to set and reach your health goals by providing you with the tools to change your unhealthy habits. This will enable you to adopt new habits you will carry with you for life.


This is what creates healthy change for the long term!

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