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What can a Nutritionist do for you?

Individuality is important! We all have our own individual bodies and therefore, our own individual needs, health and fitness goals and dietary preferences. Nutrition consults are tailored to cater for you and what you want and need to succeed in achieving your optimal level of health and wellbeing.

Create the best version of yourself physically and mentally by improving your relationship with food and exercise



If you have previously tried methods of weight loss such as dieting or extreme exercise regimes you will be pleased to know there is an easier way. Through moderate and balanced nutritional intake, I will create an individually tailored plan that will help you reach those weight loss goals without having to eliminate all the foods you love



If you are experiencing bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhoea or just constant discomfort in the belly before, during or after eating or drinking, I can help. Gut issues are not something you need to live with or accept as part of your daily life. 


If you feel like daily life is zapping your energy and leaving you feeling stressed and exhausted, don't put up with feeling that way for a second longer. Even the smallest dietary changes can have a huge impact on stress and energy throughout the day.  Finding tactics to manage stress is one of the best life skills we can learn. Sometimes stress is unavoidable but how we react to it can be managed!



If you are wanting to decrease that body fat percentage and increase muscle mass, I will work with you to increase strength and improve performance. Good nutrition and consistent exercise is the key to a sustaining and maintaining a fit and healthy body. Together we will design a program that suits your lifestyle, needs, performance and aesthetic goals.


Are mealtimes at your place a struggle? If you are sick of trying to create two or three different meals or you are fed up with fighting with the kids over food intake, I can help you create healthy, simple, easy and delicious meal options the whole family can enjoy. Keeping the whole family eating healthy and nutritious meals is just as important as making healthy choices for ourselves.


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