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"I have been seeing Laura for three months now and prior to seeing her I had sat at the same weight for years with no weight loss no matter how hard or how often I trained. I am now losing weight consistently and sustaining a healthy diet with food that I love and that keeps me full. I have lost nearly 4% body fat and know that seeing Laura has put me on track for a healthy life."
- David, 45, Truck driver

"I can highly recommend Laura to assist in weight loss.  Laura's knowledge, recipes and ideas were invaluable, her food plan for me didn't even feel like I was on a diet.  I was able to contact Laura with my questions anytime, even when I was at the supermarket doing my shopping her response was almost immediate. Thankyou again."
- Christine White, 60, Retired

“I've had an unhealthy relationship with food for a long as I remember. I've always eaten on the run and I couldn't remember that last time I enjoyed a meal. I made my appointment with Laura out of desperation as I was slipping back into bad habits and she was was last hope.... She has a caring nature and made me feel comfortable from the start to share my story and daily struggles with her.... Since seeing her I have so much more energy.I highly recommend her services if you're looking for someone who is real and won't feed you crap that they didn't believe....”
- Liz Stellato, PT Goodlife Point Cook, LavishU Training

"Laura is a knowledgable, professional nutritionist who listens to your goals and warmly & openly creates tailored meal & exercise plans to compliment what you're seeking. Highly recommend!"

- Ashleigh, 30, Social media manager

"Laura is professional, motivating and very knowledgeable. She will customise your diet and work out plan to suit you. She takes the time to get to know you and what you want to achieve. Highly recommend!!"

- Deanna, 27, Facilities manager

"If you are looking for a Nutritionist have a look at Laura's page. I highly recommend this talented lady to help you get on the right track to healthy eating."
- Pam, 57, Manager - Health services support

"After being diagnosed with Coeliac disease last year I started seeing Laura to get my diet on track. She has given me a wide variety of options and a whole new outlook on what healthy eating is! This is no fad diet, I am feeling 100x better and healthier since starting my journey with her. Even when I do fall off the wagon she doesn't get mad or disappointed but gives me more alternatives to cure my cravings (boy, do I miss gluten!). I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to get their eating habits on track and reach their health and lifestyle goals!"

- Kirby, 23

"Laura is extremely knowledgeable and is especially valuable to someone who has health challenges. She works really hard to help you achieve your goals. She is a really good communicator."
- Danielle, 58, Real estate agent

"Laura is a passionate nutritionist who is dedicated to giving the most up to date advice on healthy eating. She took the time to understand my personal goals before giving me individual meal plans, recipes and dietary guidelines to follow, as well as being there every step of the way to support me in my journey to being the healthiest and the most vibrant me I can be."
- Ashlee, 27, Pilates instructor and contemporary dancer

"It (Laura Sitter Nutrition workshop) was fantastic. I will happily come to you in the future for seminars and recommend you. I was so impressed with your knowledge but also delivered in such a down to earth manner."
- Samantha, 45

"I contacted Laura because I wasn't happy with the direction I was going in terms of my weight and healthy eating. Since having had Laura get me towards the right direction I have learnt so much more about myself, healthy eating and also healthier options which is having a positive impact on not only myself but also my young family. I feel that with her guidance and most definitely her support my goals are achievable. She is supportive, always willing to listen and will offer advice when needed."
- Megan, 34, Public servant 

“The most important thing as a trainer is to see your clients getting results at the same time as learning how to maintain those results. Laura is exceptional when it comes to providing support and guidance for clients when it comes to their nutrition. With her skills and knowledge she is empowering individuals to maintain weight loss and healthy eating without dieting or eliminating food groups. Her presentation skills are second to none as she conducts her seminars in an informative, cohesive and extremely entertaining manner. Highly recommend her as a nutritionist and educator.”

- Amanda Chan, PT and Strength Coach

“I have only been a PT for 18 months and being able to ask questions on things that are out of my scope means that I can always give my clients the right information despite lacking experience myself. She is easy to approach for both trainers and for members who may just need a hand to get back on track. I have referred several of my clients to her for nutritional advice

and all have come back more educated and more determined to get their nutrition on track. Having Laura around in the club is definitely an asset.”
- Grant Durham, PT Goodlife Point Cook, Final Form Training

“Laura's workshops are great! I've been to a couple now and every one is full of quality information. She communicates well with the audience and all questions were answered factually. Laura interacts with the audience in a very professional matter, this makes for an enjoyable interactive workshop! A free treat never goes astray in her sessions either! 10/10 would recommend!”
- Kirby Bohan, Myotherapist Goodlife Point Cook

“I would thoroughly recommend consulting Laura for nutritional guidance. My clients are often confused with all the conflicting information available. A one size fits all approach does not work though. Laura consults with my clients and provides them with a nutrition plan that will work for them, which is both achievable and sustainable.”
- Andy Sheppard, PT Goodlife Point Cook

"I met with Laura to help assist me introduce a more balanced way of eating post my first bikini competition. Laura provided me realistic recipes as well as a structured meal guideline to help me transition from competition prep back to a more sustainable way of eating. Laura was understanding and professional in her approach and is a great resource for anyone wanting to get back on track with healthy eating."
- Aimee Louise, PT Goodlife Point Cook

"A very interesting seminar. Laura is a very clear and informative speaker, with lots of easy and great ideas  for creating interesting new ways to eat more fruit and vegetables."
- Jan, Child carer

"After attending one of Laura's very informative nutrition seminars, I decided to book Laura for a one on one consutation. Laura is passionate about health and wellbeing and is a very down to earth person. She took the time to find out about my lifestyle and eating habits and came up with a simple, easy to follow, healthy eating plan. She gave me lots of great ideas about food preparation

and recipes as well. I am looking forward to my follow up consultation with Laura, and am on my

way to a healthier lifestyle."
- Andrea, 50, Planner

"I went to see Laura who was a great sounding board to hear areas that's I was struggling with and was a really strong support. 

Her tips and advice were practical and easy to follow and she had plenty of recipe options to keep things on track even when you fall off the wagon! 

The muffins are also amazing and such a handy, delicious snack!  Thanks Laura!! "
- Brooke, Commercial partnerships manager, 32

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